Sunrooms by Betterliving

A sunroom is the perfect addition for today’s busy lifestyle – a modern improvement on yesterday’s porch – allowing you to relax in the outdoors without being at the mercy of the elements.

A Sunroom Investment is Different

It is something you and your family ENJOY to entertain, relax in, and just get away from it all…So think outside the “return on investment” box and you will understand why our Betterliving Sunroom and Patio Room owners say “The only regret I have is…we wish we had done it sooner.”


Sunroom Additions

Sun rooms are a great addition to your home! Spend some time to educate yourself about sunrooms and why people buy them. Also view the demographics on sunroom owners and learn about proper maintenance and care.

  • View Sunroom Reviews and Testimonials from Betterliving sunroom owners, and learn why they say “It’s our favorite room in the house!”
  • Check out Betterliving’s Sunroom Guide – The sunroom insider with tips on care and information on choosing the right sun room for you and your family.
  • Contact Syracuse Sunroom today for a FREE no hassle quote by calling 315-729-1120
  • Sunrooms are a great addition to your home — have a question don’t hesitate to call or email us
  • And learn about other backyard living and energy saving projects from Betterliving.

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